Kindle Book Formatting And Publishing Tips

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Kindle Book Formatting and Publishing Tips
By Dan Grijzenhout | Submitted On August 11, 2015

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Expert Author Dan Grijzenhout
Publishing a book on Kindle contains a number of steps that are often not easily found or readily understood at first glance for the new writer. If you are trying to publish your first book, it can be a daunting task and you will face several moments of frustration along the way. Hopefully, …show more content…

Well guess what, the "Georgia" font I found out later the Microsoft Word does support, is extremely close to Latin-1 and it is acceptable to Kindle. So if you are using Microsoft Word (an application that Kindle recommends you use) just go use the Georgia font - it will do the job for you. The standard font size for your text by the way should be 12 point. Headings can be 14, 16 or 18, but don 't make them bigger than 18 unless necessary.

To actually upload your manuscript file by the way, Kindle wants you to do the following things:

Upload your manuscript and illustrations within the manuscript in file. Use the illustrations created by Word when you converted your document to webpage - filtered.

The recommended approach: When you are in Microsoft Word, save your file as "webpage-filtered". This puts your word document in HTML format for the upload and it separates but maintains the linkages to all your images.

By the way, regarding images you are using within your document: Kindle prefers them to be .jpg images and they want you to use the "Insert Picture" tool to place your images into your word document rather than to cut or copy and paste them in. They also want you to "centre" the image on your page between the left and right margins.

Once you have uploaded your cover, manuscript, set your pricing, typed in your keywords, written your outline for the book, etc., and

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