Kindred, By Octavia Butler Essay

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Throughout life we all encounter love and the crazy things it made us all go through. The majority of people have said, at one time or another, “I can’t go on without so and so” or “There is nobody out there like so and so.” Some individuals have even gone to the point of committing crimes or hurting each other/themselves. The overpowering force of love is an exertion of control that takes over our emotions. This force causes us to act, think, feel, and do things that we would normally not do. But what if you add “power” into the equation? The power to control or make someone fall in love with them, and be their significant other? In the novel Kindred, by Octavia Butler, Rufus learns this the hard way, after inheriting power over slaves; he was caught between love and reality. Where Alice, the one Rufus loved, was in love with another man; but Rufus being the slave owner, had the power to make her love him…or so he thought.
Love/power can make you do some of the most questionable acts in life, just as it did to Rufus and Alice in the bygone days of slavery. Octavia Butler shows us the compelling force that overtakes the value of life in the slave system, which was not only dehumanizing, but also ‘raped’ the people involved both physically and mentally. Despite their differences in their outlooks on society, loves overwhelming power shows how it can cause havoc, peace, and compassion no matter what side of the slave system you stand on. Although “power” seems like it can be

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