King Arthur Analysis

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Mandira Panta
Arthurian Literature
Prof. Beth Martin Birky
Fim Analysis: King Arthur
December 7, 2017
King Arthur: Historically Inaccurate but Intriguing
The film King Arthur (2004), as it proclaims is the “untold true story that inspired the legend”. With Clive Owen and Keira Knightley as the main characters, the trailer looked very promising. Yet, the movie was a great disappointment to many of the Arthurian legends enthusiasts. Jonathan Rosenbaum, an American film critic said “If this is history demystified, give me myth” (Rosenbaum). Many critics had similar negative reviews. Personally, I found the movie intriguing if looked beyond historical accuracy.The production budget for the film was around $120 million and it managed to have a …show more content…

The acting of the characters is good but we are missing the chemistry between them. Even if the viewers didn’t know anything about British history, warfare, Christianity, or the Roman empire, the plot makes sense if we try to look beyond historical inaccuracy. The film is rated PG-13 owing to the battle scenes and a “almost” sex scene. For a action buff like me, the bloody and gory battle scenes made perfect sense. The close range combat scenes are realistic and the use of special effects during the battle is spectacular. I really enjoyed the fact that Fuqua curtailed the use of computer effects in the battle scenes. The action dominates the movie by far, and this in some ways creates gaps in the illustrating the depth of characters.In the final battle, we see the Saxon playing their drums and chanting. This was one of my favourite parts in the movie. Clive Owen plays the Roman virtuous leader Artorius Castus. The first thing that struck me was his mop of black hair. Thankfully, he had a British accent! He wonderfully plays the character of Artorius; he is a brilliant soldier, a caring commander and approachable. He is shown, in occasions, looking out for others, even if it is in the expense of his own life. "You,all of you, were free from your first breath!" Arthur tries to reason with the men while overlooking the detail

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