King Henry VIII and The Reformation

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The selfish king. A young monk. All played a significant part in the Reformation. Before the Reformation, the people of England were homogenous in their beliefs as they followed the Christian teachings of the Roman Catholic Pope. The Roman Catholic Church is an ancient Church, and changes have been made over centuries. Problems arose because of corruption in the church such as the political power of the Pope and the concept of indulgences. An indulgence can be described as paying a fee to buy forgiveness. At this time the Church was very powerful and persecuted anyone with differing beliefs including burning people at the stake for having what were supposedly heretical beliefs. King Henry VIII led the English Reformation by introducing a new church and bringing an end to the power of the Pope. Because of his love and study of the Word of God, Martin Luther launched the Reformation which reached all of Europe through his 95 Theses. Each of these events working simultaneously sparked religious unrest and contention; the Reformation began to materialize. The Reformation was a time of increasing religious diversity and tolerance. In spite of centuries of violence, religious tolerance can be found in England because of the lessons learned through the Catholic-Protestant conflict during the Reformation. King Henry the VIII increased religious tolerance in England during the Reformation. From 1480 to 1530 before King Henry’s reign, society in England was arguably…

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