King Of Jazz : Louis Armstrong

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Clint Rohr
Jazz History
30 March. 2015
King of Jazz - Louis Armstrong At the mention jazz music, that person will first think of is likely to be a great figure with a clown image, nicknamed Satchmo. The man was Louis Armstrong. He is a husky singer, often with a trumpet in his hand. He played dramatic works of simple structure in Orleans jazz style and with the accompaniment of Dick jazz music. Each of the books on jazz music will mention his name. Louis Armstrong was to jazz music what Bach is to classical music, Presley is to rock music (Berrett 230). This essay will have an introduction of the king of jazz music -- Louis Armstrong and his great influence on jazz history. It could not be examined when and by whom Jazz music was found. People began hearing jazz music in the early 1900s. It originated from the American in New Orleans city and Jazz founders were mostly black people. At the beginning, only the black played this music, but they did not put down the music. The time was hard and unsuitable for white musicians learn the new music. But after a while, they began to play jazz too. This kind of music was widespread across the country from New Orleans along the Mississippi River to Chicago, and then to Kansas City and New York (Edwards 618-649). In the middle 1920s, there appeared a lot of black and white jazz musicians. They are distinguished players, of which there was a champion and a star, Louis Armstrong. An Louis Armstrong 's career

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