King of Mazy May

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Credibility Essay In the story, “The King of Mazy May,” by Jack London, both the plot and the main character are amazingly credible. The word credible means something that can happen in real life which is rational and true. It also means that a story has a realistic and convincing story-line. Credibility will often be felt in realistic fiction stories so that people can relate to the stories making the genre seem genuine. Making a story credible can be challenging, but if the author describes the characters and setting with vivid details, a story can be entirely believable. Jack London has done a remarkable job making his characters and plot in this wild and adventurous story actually seem credible. This story is about a 14 year old …show more content…

The stampeders greediness was seen because they had a list of all of the unrecorded claims in the area and was planning to jump all of them. They also were quite daring, jumping Loren Hall’s claim and mining for gold there. But these stampeders were ready to fight off anyone who might catch them committing such a dishonest act. When they were chasing Walt, they

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