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Poetry Analysis

Tupac Amuru Shakur or better known by his stage name 2Pac was an American rapper and actor who came to fame in the 80’s-90’s era. Both Tupac’s mother and father were active members of the “Black Panthers”. Shakur’s parents were very outspoken and tenacious individuals, although they divorced during Tupac’s younger years both of their qualities can be seen through Tupac’s words and actions. From an early age Shakur was surrounded by struggle and relatives who were imprisoned, this plays a big role in his works or literature. Tupac can be seen as one of the pioneers of “controversial rap”. Most of his works shed light on current events in the African American community. He mostly spoke of the wrong doings of young African …show more content…

The 1993 Los Angeles riots was a series of race riots that lasted for over 6 days in the L.A. metropolitan area in April of 1992. The riots began after the 4 LAPD officers that were accused of the videotaped beating of Rodney king were acquitted. Widespread looting, arson, and murder occurred during these 6 days. The estimated cost of the riots topped 1 billion

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