Knowledge Gained Outside of a Formal Education Essay

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The educational system’s purpose is to teach. People are expected to learn as much as they can and encouraged to be well versed in these subjects in order to succeed in life. However, schools limit sources of knowledge to individuals that may allow this depth of understand. Books are banned from the library for containing curses, nudity or any other facet of the real world deemed ‘inappropriate’. Teachers cannot utter any extensive sentence about creation or evolution, neither can any school text, in fear that a person might become offended in defense of their beliefs. Rather than what you are allowed to learn in school, it is the knowledge gained through an individuals own endeavors that empowers and liberates them from societal …show more content…

By knowing more, people are set free from superficial assumptions that they have of things. They become less ignorant of the problems and situations that may be surrounding them and often feel the urge to change because of that. This applies to Sherman Alexie. From the time of the colonial settlements, Native Americans were seen as savage, stupid and dirty. Old mindsets die hard as even now, they are “expected to be stupid” (Alexie). Reading allowed him to break free of such labels, being respected as an author well-versed in satirical diction. He wishes, just as he himself felt rescued, to “save [the] lives” of the Native American children he meets. Societal expectations are there to keep people in groups to make it easier for everyone else to distinguish them. But they also act as chains, stopping the potential growth of individuals who settle for those conditions instead of striving for change. Frederick Douglass encountered a liberation of these bindings, both literally and figuratively. Once Douglass started his self education, he was able to “utter [his] thoughts, and to meet the arguments brought forward to sustain slavery.” It allowed him to become informed of what slavery actually was; being a slave was not a way of life, it was a corrupt system implanted in order to take advantage of African Americans who did not know any better. This revelation led him to become one of the most well known abolitionists

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