Konwledge and Survival

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Knowledge nowadays are the utmost significant thing needed by everyone in order to survive in this so called cruel world. But what kind of knowledge need to be kept and what is need to be discarded considering the time frame which is ‘today-tomorrow’? Today might not really mean on this particular day and date but it might as well mean the exact moment when a knowledge is classified as knowledge. Likewise, tomorrow might not really mean tomorrow but it tends to be the future. As knowledge is not totally valued by its function, it might be discarded in the days ahead. In other words, it is ignored. But for the knowledge to be accepted, it needs someone to make the knowledge stay and this someone can be the society or the authority. Therefore, I am going to discuss does knowledge in arts is treated the same way as in natural sciences with regard to time? Arts is the expression of human creativity and to argue with the knowledge question, I claim that yesterday’s knowledge acquired in arts will not be discarded in the future. Knowledge in arts is insisted to be subjective as it overlaps with all areas of knowledge. To gain knowledge from arts is said to be done by asking yourself what they mean to you and what you can learn from them. “Creativity takes courage” said Henri Matisse, a French artist. To appreciate the arts, one should not discard the knowledge because knowledge in arts can become knowledge in history. For instance, the prehistoric sculptures that we know today

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