Korean Community Observation Report

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The goal of this project was to use CBPR methods to collaborate with partners in the Korean community to address oral health among particularly vulnerable Korean elderly adults in NYC. We worked with Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York (KCS), to assess oral health needs among older Koreans, their community, and family caregivers, and use the information collected to develop a targeted oral health intervention(s). This research can potentially impact approximately 5000 Korean seniors through KCS. My responsibilities were the following: 1) Convened an Advisory Group of five members from the Korean Community: In order to gain familiarity with the Korean community in NYC, and gain insight into the oral health needs and challenges of the Korean senior population, I convened the Community Advisory Group of Korean stakeholders every three months; 2)…show more content…
I worked with my mentor Dr.Ahluwalia and the Community Advisory Group to develop a semi-structured interview guide, which was used to conduct key-informant interviews; 3) Development of Structured Interview Guides targeting Korean older adults, family caregivers and KCS program staff: the information collected in theKey informant interviews were used to inform the development of three structured interview guides that was used to conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews with each three specific groups: (a) Korean older adults, (b) family caregivers and (c) KCS program staff; 4) Used the Structured interview guides to collect data about oral health-related needs, resources, and challenges of Korean a) older adults, b) family caregivers, c) KCS staff. These data were used to inform the development of oral health interventions targeting each of these populations: Qualitative methods (focus groups and in-depth interviews) were used to collect data from each
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