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Kudler Accounting System Dynamics ERP by Microsoft Corp. is the best choice for Kudler Fine Foods as they need a new accounting system in order to operate at full capacity the key features, technology, costs, and benefits in which they have to ensure growing success within Kudler Fine Foods depends on upgraded accounting technology to stay ahead of their competitors. The key features for this product, the core technology, overall benefits, and the low costs compared to the competition is the key features to give them a possible edge A New Accounting System Kudler Fine Foods is in search of a new accounting system to help run the corporation faster and more efficiently for its clients, employees, and…show more content…
When Dynamics GP is used in the business finances analysis of the business details it is easily achieved. Making decisions is easier by setting automated approval routing, alerts, and to control check and balances on the business processes (Microsoft Dynamics GP, 2012). With built in analytical tools this business solution goes past basic accounting and finance management, allowing for more proactive approaches to opportunities and even problem solving faster and more efficiently. In order to run this Retail Management System (RMS) it requires a simple computer system and server. These RMS is able to run in a desktop computer that has a Dual 800 MHz processor or higher, with 1 GB of RAM, at least 5 GB of hard drive available, with Windows Server 2008/2003 R2, or Windows 2000 SP4 (service pack 4) (Microsoft Dynamics GP,2011). Web server requires Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, IIS 6.0 or IIS 5.0 (Microsoft Dynamics GP, 2011). Database requires Oracle 10g Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2), or SQL Server 2000
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