Kung Xiu's Stereotypes

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Toot! Toot! A train came to a halt in Anhui, China, and a small Chinese women stepped off, instantly smelling the aroma of dirty, polluted air. She lived in a part of town where only one child per family was allowed, so, dropping off her newly born baby to be left abandoned was the only option she had. As she hopped back onto the train to head back home, the baby was left stranded, wailing and crying. It was early, the sun was rising. A group of Asian men were strolling by when they stopped because they heard the baby’s bawling noises. They took her up and brought her into care before dropping her off at a local orphanage. Her name was Kung Xiu, this means sunrise in English. Each day she stayed at the orphanage, it got duller and duller. There was nothing for the babies to do. They spent the majority of their day sleeping or lying on their beds. The other parts they would eat when they were hungry or drink when they got thirsty. The orphanage in China wasn’t all that great, it was unsanitary and smelly but it was a place for them to live until they were given a home. But by the time the girls got old enough, they would be sent to work at factories if they weren’t adopted. Often, the babies would have been adopted by then, but, some aren’t that lucky.…show more content…
She lived at the orphanage for 10 months before she was finally given to a family who would love and care for her. The day had come and she was brought into a large room with all of the other girls who were getting adopted. Alongside, there stood many anxious parents waiting for their baby girl. The time came and she was taken by her new father into the real world and would be called Sarah. She got a glimpse of her new family consisting of her mom, older sister and soon-to-come little brother. When her dad took her out to see the world, she was so amazed and has never seen anything like
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