Kurt Bruner And Steve Stroope Essay

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Children Kurt Bruner and Steve Stroope begin chapter 1 of their book titled It Starts At Home: A Practical Guide to Nurturing Lifelong Faith, with the following two sentences, “If you’ve ever been part of a loving, healthy family you have smelled the sweet aroma of heaven. If you’ve ever lived in a troubled, broken home you have breathed the foul stench of hell.” For many couples, having children can be the most pleasing experience they will ever have in their marriage. Unfortunately, for many others—those that are unable to cope with the stressors children bring to a marriage—will view the experience as a detriment to their marriage. For some just deciding when to have children can be a marriage stressor. For others, an unexpected pregnancy can cause tremendous stress in a marriage. Parenting requires a change in lifestyle and brings with it many challenges to a marriage. Those couples that think they are prepared soon find out that there is no way to prepare for all that raising a child entails. For those that are not prepared or did not get the chance to adequately prepare, there will be times when their commitments to each other will be tested. How does a couple survive and ensure that they and their children get to smell the sweet aroma of heaven as opposed to the foul stench of hell? First and foremost, a couple must have an understanding that there will be challenges ahead. They must identify what it takes to keep their family strong. In the book Fantastic

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