La-La Land Film Techniques

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Classical films usually bring to mind descriptions of black and white filming, poor lighting and audio, exaggerated acting, cheesy lines, and distorted music. The audience that favors such films would not include the millennial generation that is used to action packed excitement. Released at the end of the 2016 year is an exception that will entice today’s youth into the heart of classical films. La La Land tells the story of Mia and Sebastian as they balance love for each other with ambition to become an actress and jazz club owner respectively. Filled with memorable music, dancing, and old timey charm, La La land has received exemplary reviews from the critics. Receiving complimentary reflections across the board, one category receiving …show more content…

With hints at the present, like technology and modern stars making appearances, the heart of the film is, “a primary-colored homage to classic movie musicals, an act of ancestor worship,” (Bradshaw par 3). Critics show their appreciation though for not overdoing the tribute to the past, “There’s not an ounce of Broadway fat on this love story,” one critic notes (Travers par 1). Using the opportunity to showcase more reserved portions of LA, Seb and Mia take the lyrics to Seb’s own composing to the Griffith Observatory where they can literally dance through a ‘City of Stars.’ The theatrical setting is described as the, “Griffith Observatory might as well be heaven itself,” (Scott par 14). No scence in the film recieved anything less than …show more content…

“The Glorious songs and scores are by Chazelle’s Harvard classmate Justin Hurwitz with to-die-for lyrics by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul,” as one critic informs (Travers par 3). The original songs progress the film and further develops the characters; “the kicky opening sequence serves as an audition piece, a mini “chorus line” acquainting us with the crowd,” and sets the theme of chasing one’s dream where Seb and Mia both emerge (Scott par 3). In the final scene, music is also used as, “one last audition , followed by a swirl of rapturous, heart tugging music and ballet,” enchanting the audience to a

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