La Reina Del Sur Analysis

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In order to fully comprehend the roles of women portrayed within this society, a brief examination of traditional roles associated with males involved in the ‘’narcocultura’’ of Latin America and the telenovela must transpire. This is because the latter often dictates tremendous proportions of the lives of the adjoining women. An image of a warrior or Robin Hood-like figure is often used to represent the males in these societies, with a longing to triumph, succeed, and to exude his male energy in many different ways. Although these attributes appear to be positives they inevitably come at the sacrifice of their female counterparts. This representation is no different to that seen in ‘’La Reina del Sur’’. Men undeniably control every aspect …show more content…

The traditional effeminate characteristics portrayed within the psyche of many female characters introduced in ‘’La Reina del Sur’’ not excluding Teresa first presented in Sinaloa, revolve around their physique and nature, with the outcomes of the female characters often being defined relative to the impact of the male ‘’hero’’. This issue more often than not leads to female characters being silent, mistreated, oppressed and/or rescued, perfectly captured through a genuine statement made by the protagonist’s first love El Güero Dávila as he unknowingly encapsulates the insignificance of women caught in the narco world ‘’ Porque, si a mí me va muy bien, tí tambíen pero, si me va mal, es requete gacho’’. Even though El Güero spoke about Teresa from nowhere but a place of love, much of what he had to say completely disregarded her life and opinion. While the telenovela travels through Mexican, Spanish, Moroccan, Russian and Colombian cultures the prejudices faced by women are unchanging. The lives of women within the narco world can in no way dictate the lives of the men. Considering this, the emergence of Teresa as the telenovela develops and her complete ignorance of the traditional culture sets up the story to not only be considered an entertaining thriller but a means of tackling cultural flaws that have been seen for

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