Labelling Groups And Individuals From The World Essay

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Labelling groups or individuals is something that happens all over the world. Whether conscious or unconscious, everyone has believed or even used a label whether it is or was about an individual or a group in positive or negative terms. However, does this mean that its ok to label each other, to label a community/group. The question is why do we label, what is the need to place labels on individuals or communities/groups. There are many different types of labels, are they all deviant and the people who are tagged as such are they deviant or just the acts themselves deviant.
Deviance is a community/group or an individual that differs from a norm or from the accepted standard of society, basically it means an odd or unacceptable behaviour. “Societies may be seen as layered by norms which guide virtually all human activities, and deviance is the violation of these norms along with the recognition and labelling of such violations. Deviance then involves the recognised violation of cultural norms” (Macionis, 2012). Some sociologists have tried to explain the topic and to move away from a simple resounding of public concerns, was to develop the theory of deviance and crime. The previous concept is a lot broader as it means a behaviour that deviates from or breaks any social rule, whether of politeness; of self-presentation; of property; or of sexual orientation. Every society defines what is deviant and what isn’t, the descriptions of deviance can differ between each

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