Labor Unions Affect Employees On Employees

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Labor unions are formed in order to help workers protect his/ her rights as an employee and help the employees stand up for his/ her best interest in regards to his/ her employment with a company. Unions are mostly organized to help the employees and are beneficial to employees in many different ways. “Labor unions affect employees in a variety of different ways, but the most common and beneficial way is by providing members with a collective voice at work” (Zullo, 2011, p. 699). Unions are about the employees working together to get the best pay, benefits, and working conditions possible whether the employees have to just simply ask the management or if the employees have to go on strike before the management will consider the opinions and concerns of the employees. However, once one understands what a union is and how all the members work together to achieve the goal, one can comprehend the benefits and expectations of a unionized workforce and gain knowledge to help fully identify and recognize how unions affect the employees. The first statement analyzed was unions are a big help to workers. I agree with this statement and after further research, I still rated it a four. The main goal of a union is to help the employees be satisfied with his/ her job and the union allows the employees to speak openly about issues that keep their best interest first. Therefore, why wouldn’t unions be an advantage to workers since that is the sole purpose in which the employees

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