Lack Of Ethic With A More Positive Stance

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Lack Of Ethic Understanding in IRB = Lack Of Care In Research
Why A Public Anthropology? addresses the issue about why cultural anthropology is not affective by its current stance of “not doing any ethical harm” and into more detail explains why IRB’s should make notions to move towards a more positive stance of "doing good." Throughout the explanation of ethical violations from five given cases, the details will prove why these violations emphasize that the review board’s current stance of "do no harm is an ethically ambiguous position”. Even with anthropologists going in with the intentions of not doing harm result in the exact opposite; including national governments who try to avoid ethical issues end up just over-regulating research studies. These actions limit researcher ability to do well and cause additional problems. IRB’s focus on positive results is based on monetary value and time however this does not show respect and sensitivity. In the reading of this research I conclude it is due to the lack of similarity to the participants of the study leads to lack of care and treatment, thus threatening their wellbeing leads to the ethical issues in research cases and regulation. To solve this problem, Institutional Review Boards and Review Ethics Boards should create a set of common rules, these rules could easily differentiate what between what is what is and what is not ethical behavior and additionally it would facilitate all types of data in research projects that

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