Lack of Funding for the Arts

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In recent times, the economy has plummeted at a horrific rate. We can see it in our everyday life, from how much our produce costs to the price we pay for gas. But one thing that we may not see until it’s to late is the damage caused by the funding cuts for the arts programs and education in America. In addition to impeding American children’s educational and moral development, we revert to a poor cultural quality by lowering our standards of arts education due to the poor economic condition of our nation. Even though this should be one of the more important programs for our government’s Department of Education to devote their time and efforts to, it has been severely neglected. In February of 2010, 300 teachers of the Des Moines Public…show more content…
But today one cannot find anything even remotely close to the amazing minds of our predecessors. How could one possibly expect the next generation to surpass us if we are constantly withdrawing their resources to learn and grow? They can’t, and so a solution to this crisis must be found before it comes back to hurt us more than we had ever anticipated. A good example of the benefits of a quality musical education is the famous Yo-Yo Ma. Starting his education of music at a very young age, his father beginning to teacher him cello at the age of 4, and this espouser to music guided him to later pursue his higher Doehm 4 education at Julliard. Continuing to go on to graduate with a thorough liberal arts education from Harvard. He is now strongly committed to educational programs, he even conducts classes for all types of people. Old and young, musical and unmusical alike. ( Josh Groban, a “pop-era” singer, is another good example that having the means for our children to pursue their musical aspirations is key. Groban’s own mother taught high school level art, and his dad played trumpet for as long as he could remember. Groban’s success would never have happened either if it had not been for his espouser to the arts from a young age. First, music being brought to his attention by his
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