Lack of Healthcare in Zimbabwe

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Lack of health care is an issue that many people can have, but it will not be as shocking as how little medical help people in Zimbabwe have. People in Zimbabwe used to be able to get more medical treatments but as the population rapidly grew there economy decreased and they were forced to close many hospitals and clinics due to not having medical supplies. Today people in Zimbabwe continue to struggle with not having proper healthcare. Here in the United States people are able to get treatment for things like Aids and HIV. In Zimbabwe, people do not have access to the proper treatment they need. As a result, they die sooner then they should. If Zimbabwe continues to not have enough medical care, then their population will continue to decrease as their death rate increases. On the other hand, Zimbabwe is getting donations from different organizations and if more people donate money or supplies, they will be able to treat more people. Zimbabwe used to be a place that many people wanted to visit and was one of the richer countries in Africa. This is because Zimbabwe had been one of the richest farm areas in the world. Since Zimbabwe had such a flourishing farm area, many countries wanted to buy their crops from there. As a result, Zimbabwe was making a lot of money from selling their products. Since there economy was so good they were able to offer many hospitals and clinics to people. In 1990 people lived to be about 61 years old on average. That is a twenty year

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