Lady Macbeth Monologue

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[Banquo lies against a tree, blood leaking from his chest, trembling.]
BANQUO: [Tentatively] Why, upon what jury this murder just? Not long ago you and I were allies Macbeth, fighting in a war for our country against the corrupt Norwegian’s. Now, I lie here, surrounded by mere nature, betrayed. What justification could Macbeth find in order to seal the fate of my beloved family? You are no longer the man I once knew. Lately I have come to know a new man, one motivated by power, one motivated by supremacy. It’s almost as if my dear friend Macbeth is now foreign to me. It’s almost as if he also ran off to England like poor Macduff did not long ago. O, betrayal! Here I see the face of a …show more content…

O, dear friend, what have you done? Why have you poisoned my life with this blade? What could drive you to the death if a friend which, another day, would send you trembling? Now I see that my mind did not trick me, for the prophecies did in fact forever change you. I knew this would spur you to fulfil your ambitions, largely amplified by Lady Macbeth’s desire for you to hold the throne. Why did I not do something about it, for now I see this was coming all along? Why Macbeth? Why oh why? As soon as King Duncan died I told myself that you had done it-only for my misgiving to change due to my longing to believe the best of you. After all, you were my dearest friend who served for Scotland, why would you want to betray the country you fought for? Who else in the castle would benefit from Duncan’s death so much that they would be prepared to forever have blood on their hands, prepared to risk their own throat from being slit, prepared to betray me. It was then I realised who else but Macbeth. His endless curiosity in the three witch’s prophecies had me worried. It seemed as if he was so deeply invested in his ambition to attain power that he in fact lost his grasp on his own sanity. And damn his lady, for she questioned his manhood and only spurred him on more to claim the throne. How dare she manipulate his lack of emotional stability for her

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