Lake Roosevelt Research Paper

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Summer is the time for vacations, adventures, and relaxation. However, some family trips can be unpredictable. There is one particular family trip that comes to mind. We got up early to pack up our twenty- eight foot pontoon boat with everything we needed for the day. Summer was in full swing. We were excited to spend the day at the lake with family and friends. Today was the day we were going to try Lake Roosevelt because we heard that it is the perfect place to swim, boat and relax. Just as we turned the corner to pull into the parking lot of the lake, we hit our first bump in the road of unfortunate events. We actually really did hit a bump and ended up getting two flat tires. Unfortunately, we only had one spare tire, so that was a …show more content…

We knew that we were racing against time. My husband turned the key and the motor started to sputter and shake. He flipped some switches and tinkered with the engine, but nothing seemed to be solving the problem. Since he couldn’t figure it out, there was no question about it. We had to hook up the water bike and tow the boat back to shore. It was like a tugboat pulling a battleship. Just as we started our journey, our luck went from bad to worse. The sky that had been picture perfect was quickly changing. The sun was now playing hide and seek in the clouds. The once large white, fluffy, pillow shaped clouds that occasionally blocked out the golden sun turned into dark gray ragged clouds. With that came plump missiles of mass destruction that pelted our tender sunburned skin. It felt like icy needles penetrating throughout our bodies. The gentle winds that once danced with our boat suddenly turned into a fierce hip- hop which sent us into an ocean of mountains of angry waves. The boat tossed and turned in the heavy swells. The waves lifted us up so high and then threw us back down, I thought for sure the boat would break into tiny pieces. With one final tug, we finally made it to the dock. However, the strength of the swell, sent us crashing into another boat. Just as we tied up, I noticed a young lady unconscious on the dock. Her friends were by her side. I shouted out "Did anyone call 911" they said that they did

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