Lakshmi, Mythology

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Lakshmi, the goddess of light, excellence, favorable luck and riches.

Although much isnt said regarding the different incarnations of Lakshmi, mythology brings into light the different legends where Lakshmi has been conceived in different names.

Lakshmi usually incarnates along with Vishnu, one of the three members in the Hindu triumvirate.

She incarnated as Padma When Vishnu incarnated upon earth as Vamana, as Dharani when he incarnated as Parasurama, as Sita when he incarnated as Rama and as Rukmini when he incarnated as Krishna.

A portion of the vital supplications routed to Lakshmi amongst love are: Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam, Sri Lakshmi Sahasaranama Sthothra Sri Stuti, Sri Lakshmi Stuti Sri Kanakadhara Sthothra by Sri Chatussloki Sri

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