Lance Armstrong Essay

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"Whoosh!" was the sound of the wind blowing into his face as he raced through the mountain's monstrous decent. As he raced through the Pyrenees, he thought about everything that had occurred in the past couple of years of his life. He felt his heart pounding as he pedaled through the dirt and rocks. Cycling is a tough sport that only certain athletes can endure. The long and painful climbs up a 2,000 foot hill are not the easiest things to do, but certain athletes have done well enough to call themselves champions of the sport. Lance Armstrong has succeeded so many times in this strenuous sport, that he has earned his title as the greatest cyclist. Lance was born on September 18, 1971 in a tiny suburb of Dallas, Texas called Oak Cliff. …show more content…

In 1990, he was invited to train with the junior U.S National team in Colorado Springs and then to travel to Moscow for his first big international race. When Lance turned seventeen, he received a call from the manager of the U.S National Cycling Team, Chris Charmichael, who invited Lance to go to Europe; it was then that his career as a professional cyclist began. By 1996, Lance became the world's top-ranked cyclist winning ten titles in every race from San Sebastián to the Tour Du Pont. At his best, Lance was on his way towards success in the Tour de France, when he received some distressing news; he had cancer. "I thought I knew what fear was, until I heard the words You have cancer." (73). On October 2, 1996, Lance Armstrong received terrible news which stated that he had right testicular cancer or cancer in his right testicle. After being told about his cancer, Lance was immediately on the phone, phoning those whom cared for and loved him. He started first with his mother, then his teammate Kevin all the way to his attorney Bill Stapleton. In the first 24 hours since he was diagnosed, Lance did everything he could to obtain knowledge on the disease that he possessed. His tests had shown that he had stage three, testicular cancer and his chances of survival were very slim. Even though his chances were slim, Lance never gave up hope. With the support of his mother, Lance was sure that he would be fine. He even told himself "I had to keep moving…" (87),

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