Langston Hughes : African American Poetry

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Langston Hughes: African American Poetry
Langston Hughes grew up in a time of segregation, as a African American man living during the Civil Rights movement. During this time Langston wrote poetry from this point of view as a African American. Langston Hughes poetry is important due to his content, imagery, and voice. Through Langston’s voice he strengthened African Americans hope while opening the eyes of the white man to see what they are doing is wrong.
Langston Hughes was born February 1,1902 in Joplin, Missouri. Hughes parents were James N. Hughes and Carrie M. Hughes nee Langston. Young langston and his mother struggled to make ends meet, after his Father let the family and moved to Mexico. During his time as a child Langston Hughes lived with many relatives, while his mother searched for work. It wasn’t until 1914 when his mom remarried and they settled down again in Cleveland Ohio. Langston being a teenager went to high school at Central High School, where he proved to be both a student and an athlete. During this time Langston found his passion in writing poetry and short fiction for the schools magazine.
After high school Langston became a regular writer for Crisis a magazine published by the NAACP (Cornerstone of early fights for civil rights). Even throughout his travel Langston continued to send poetry to Crisis and other journals. In 1925 He was rewarded by both Crisis and Opportunity magazines. This was the first of many literary achievements for the “Negro…
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