Langston Hughes, Jacques Roumain, And Nicolas Guillen

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Langston Hughes, Jacques Roumain, and Nicolas Guillen are poets with different backgrounds. Hughes was born in Missouri, Roumain was born in Haiti, and Guillen was born in Cuba. However, they share one thing in common and that is the shared experience of racism. In their works they all react to the limitations that have been placed upon them. Liberation is a key theme in the works of all three of these writers. Hughes and Guillen envisioned a universal justice embracing all races while Hughes and Roumain connected Africa as the one real home for black people. These three writers call for a social transformation and by doing so they represent black life experiences from Harlem, Haiti, and Havana, by being proud of their skin color, and where they came from, they were able to successfully portray an image of racism in America. Langston Hughes’s, “The Ballad of the Landlord” is the perfect example of the portrayal of racism in America. In the poem there is a battle between a landlord and a tenant although the landlord holds the power. There is a huge racial conflict in this poem, as the landlord can’t seem to wrap his head around a black tenant. The landlord easily has the man thrown in jail because he is black: “Man threatens landlord / Tenant held no bail / Judge gives negro 90 days in county jail!” (31-33). There was no real reason for the man to be thrown into jail as he was asking for basic necessities. But in the poem we can see this image of the power that the white
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