Theme Of Ballad Of The Landlord

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The story is about an African nation, which is driven by hunger, poverty and serious diseases. The theme of the story moves around HIV, how it ruins the life of people and why the precautions are necessary to avoid dispersal of this disease. . Some stories put stress on one specific conflict, whereas, some includes more than one. A story call for several elements and conflict is the weightiest part.
This story revolves around a truck driver named Luis Pereira, who used to buy sex for feeding his physical hunger, and how he crumbled the life of other characters. Whereas, the other theme is about passion and love, a sex worker named Jotinha could not resist falling in love with Luis. She genuinely loved him and stopped charging money for sex, …show more content…

Each stanza is enclosed up of two sentences which are broken into two lines each. Rhyme scheme ABCB complements the complete false merriment of the poet explaining the complaints.
Langston Hughes is an African American poet, he lives in an area where racism is experienced, and theme of discrimination proves that people with power are promising in the society. The tenants keep on repeating about the faults in the house, but the landlord being the supreme power keep on pay no attention to him, moreover, adds 10$ of the rent is due. It turned the tenant turned into fire, consequently, he declined to pay it until the maintenance will be done. At the same instance, he was endangered to evict him and would also throw his furniture into the street. In the same fashion, the tenant also impends the landlord with a hit to the lips to shut him up. The landlord calls the police as of the tenant's threat. The media distorts this incident and depicts the poor tenant as the opponent, to sum up, the tenant is arrested and thrown to jail, deprived of bail, for 90

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