Langston Hughes' On the Road Essay

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Langston Hughes' "On the Road" In Langston Hughes, "On the Road" the Sargeant is a homeless Black man that is desperate for food and shelter. In his desperation, Sargeant goes to the church to refuge, but there is no one at the Church to help him get refuge. Although Sargent is living in a time where the depression is in existence amongst all people, Black and White, he finds no one to help him. Sargent goes to the Church because the Church helps people. However, because Sargeant is Black and the Church is populated by a White congregation, he is rejected. In the story " One the Road", one of the people: A big black unemployed Negro holding onto our church... "The idea"! This represents that Sargent wants the benefits of the white …show more content…

As the Church denied that Christ died, was buried and risen, the white congregation was denying that Sargeant was a free man with rights. Hughes illustrates the reasons people do no like the Church today. Rev. Dorset, white or black, should have had compassion for Sargent. It is disappointing to see Rev. Dorset turned away Sargent, especially during the depression. A follower is a reflection of his/her leader and that is why everyone ignored and refused to help Sargeant. A Church has always been the place where anyone can be accepted. Christ says: "They have kept me nailed on the cross for nearly two thousand years(619)." This line symbolizes the stumbbling blocks that a congregation can cause to an individual. Although the congregational members have the power, their power was not enough to keep the Church together. As long as racism exists in a society, the oppressor and the oppressed will be bound and never free. When the church fell down, symbolically, it was Sargeant who fell. And when the Sargent got up and started walking, Christ was walking beside him. At this moment Sargent finds comfort, approval and company with Christ. Imagine roaming around a neighborhood with no one to talk to, no family, and no friends, and because of Christ's presence he is no loner anxious about when and where he is going to eat. Although this part of the story was based on a dream or

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