Language Acquisition : What Is Encompassed By The Phrase ' Meaning Making ' Within Early Childhood? Essay

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Title: What is encompassed by the phrase ‘Meaning Making’ within early childhood?
Young Children and Meaning Makers
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This assignment seeks to explore and discuss the phrase ‘meaning making’ within early childhood using contemporary and historical sources. The focus of this essay will be the theme, language acquisition, because this is one aspect of how children make meaning of their world. However, there are other factors that need to be considered, these include Language and thought, attunement and attachment. Language acquisition is the process in which humans develop a language to be able to produce words and sentences to communicate with others. The discussion of how children learn language and if adults have an impact on the child’s language development will also be argued throughout.
Meaning making is the process which children go through when making sense of the world around them, discovering how and why things happen. Wells (2009) suggests infants are born with a drive to make sense of their experiences and have successful strategies for doing so. The meaning making process involves the child having the opportunity to receive information and to be listened to. Adults have a key role in helping the child develop a good language development, allowing the child to practice and to gain new information. Penn (2008) argues children are ‘Meaning Makers’ but they can only take their meanings from experience

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