Language Nguage And The Role Of The Second Language Acquisition

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Second language acquisition has become an increasingly active field of study in the past couple of decades. As the world became more dynamic and people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds more connected, language played a crucial role in keeping those relations successful. Subsequently, knowledge of only one language has become rarely sufficient, resulting in growing bilingualism. As bilingualism has slowly become the new norm, the researchers have become engrossed in the field of second language acquisition. One of numerous important questions within that field is that of the role of the first language in second language acquisition. In this essay, I will pinpoint some of the theoretical approaches and studies that dealt with the question of the role of the first …show more content…

The very first notions of language acquisition arose during the time when behavourism was the dominant psychological theory. Within that context, language was reduced to a set of habits, and language acquisition was seen as a typical behaviourist stimulus/response type of learning realised through imitation (Noor, 1994: 97). The Constrastive Analysis Hypothesis, under influence of behaviourist views,

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