Laser Tag Short Story

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Ring Ring Ring. The annoying alarm is going off again, but today, Bob is not mad. His mom has brought him breakfast in bed. For today was his birthday, and he was going to play lazer tag with all of his friends.

He pulls himself out of bed after a pancake breakfast and goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth. In there, a bunch of streamers fall on his head that say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!!! He enjoys this day already.

He goes down the stairs and his family greets him with a birthday hat. Bob asks, ´ Where is the cake?´ His mom says, ´it is a surprise.´ Bob text his best friend Ethan. The text read, ´ Hi Ethan. Are you excited to play laser tag today?´ When Ethan saw the text, he replied, ´ Yes Bob, I am very excited but I can't talk …show more content…

When he came out the game of laser tag was about to begin. Bob was on his team and he was the captain and Tyler was the captain of the other team. The round had begun and no one knew what team they were on. Bob somehow climbed all the up one of the structures and he started to snipe all of the red players. Once they realised that he was up there, they all started shooting at him and he was him once. He now only had two lives left.

The fight had been going for quite a while now and some people were eliminated, Bob still had two lives but hadn't shot anyone yet. He was hiding behind structure and was watching his team get their butts kicked. He took a quick glance at the scoreboard and the most kills on his team was by Matt who had shot three different people once. Ethan had shot two people but only had one life left and no one else had shot anyone, they were all copying their team captain and hiding. He looked at the red score board and the scores were bad. Bob and the blue team were losing by 13 now 12, Matt got another shot.

Bob then saw Tyler who still had all three lives left. He ran up to Ethan and punched him. Then Bob recalled Tyler locking the doors before he came in. Everyone was locked in and Tyler's team was now playing to aggressive. Ethan had a bloody nose and was on the ground. Tyler started to kick him and then Bob finally shot Tyler, they were both at two

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