Last Year It Had Been Confidently Expected That The Italian

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Last year it had been confidently expected that the Italian hydrocarbon company ENI, which is the operator in Offshore Area 4 in the Rovuma Basin, would make its Final Investment Decision on plans to run a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas plant. However, there is still no FID.

In addition, Anadarko is still some way off making its FID on its planned onshore LNG plant which will process natural gas from Offshore Area 1.

This document looks at the delays after seeking opinions from Mozambique’s experts.

We also attach the announcement from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy regarding the awarding of natural gas from the Rovuma Basin for use in the domestic market.

This interview took place on 9 February with an official in the …show more content…

For example, the Anadarko project takes into account the number of tomato plants you have on your field, the number of fruit trees, the number of chickens, goats and so on. The same happens with the fishermen. Anadarko takes into account the expected revenue, the number of boats and all the details related to the fishing activities and revenues expected to calculate the compensation payment.

To prevent problems in the future, Anadarko will sign a contract with every single resident living in the affected area.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that when we ask the residents about how much they would like to receive as compensation money they are unable to say. They just don’t have any idea of how much they would like to be paid.

Resettlement is not expected to be a major issue for the ENI project because this company is going to use a FLNG plant offshore.

I am concerned about ExxonMobil delaying the project. Those guys from ExxonMobil have already approved their investments plans and capex for this year. These were approved in August, September and October last year. So where in the hell are they going to get money for Rovuma this year?

If they enter into the game they might delay the project another one of two years at least. The problem is we are dealing with billions of dollars and not millions. It is a lot of money at stake.

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This interview took place on 9 February with an executive of an oil company.


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