Lasting Effects Of The Great Depression Essay

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Mariam Ksaibati
History CHC2D
Ms. Shaikh
October 25, 2016

The Lasting Impact of the Great Depression in Canada 1929-1939

The Great Depression was a period in time where millions of Canadians had suffered from hunger, unemployment, homelessness and an economic downfall. The horror of the Great Depression took place in 1929-1939 and had lasted for a decade affecting millions of people worldwide. However, Canada had been impacted the most. The lasting horror of the Great Depression resulted in disastrous impacts on the economy. This was due to the Stock Market Crash, the construction of useless relief camps to open job opportunities for men, and the lack of raw materials which affected the lives of many farmers. With an economic downfall which gradually resulted in a Stock Market Crash, millions of Canadians had suffered. Unemployment was one impact of the economic downfall which had risen as people were dependent on stocks sold to make a living. During the Great Depression, 30% of Canadians were unemployed and one in five Canadians were depending on relief camps in order to get back to normal living conditions and to be capable to obtain the basic needs of life due to unemployment (Struthers 4). Before the economic downfall during the Great Depression, jobs related to the stock market included trade, financial advisors, clerks, jobs in factories, industrial productions, investors and farmers were applicable. However, after the Stock Market Crash, all of these jobs had

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