Late A Cowboy Song Essay

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Late, A Cowboy Song directed by Jane Barnette was an absolute thrill to experience. Everything from each of the actors’ performances to the intimacy of the stage left me in a sense of awe. It was all done so incredibly well. Choosing two specific actors to write this critique for was somewhat difficult given that there were only three cast members in the entire play and each one of them did an absolutely amazing job. The two that I did end up giving the most attention to were Jake Gillespie and Elsa Bernauer, Crick and Mary respectively. Throughout the play I watched both of these two to see exactly how they became their characters and whether there were any things that needed work. Let’s just dive into Jake Gillespie’s performance. Jake …show more content…

Elsa did an amazing job of portraying Mary. She was able to get into the mindset of this character and truly embody who this person is. It seemed to me that Elsa had tension, but it could have easily been a wardrobe issue. She would constantly pull her shirt down and adjust it and to me that seemed as if it was a sign that she had tension building up between the scenes. Whether or not that was it, I found it distracting. Every interaction between Crick and Mary felt natural and both actors were able to really play off of each other to allow for smooth scenes. Where Jake played the angry and dangerous Crick, Elsa played the sweet, scared, and independent Mary. Elsa really showed that the character she was tasked with bringing to life was someone who did not need to take shit from anyone. She could handle her own and she was able to get that across very well. She understood the given circumstances of Mary and was able to play off of Jake’s actions deliver a performance that captured the audience’s attention. Overall she did an amazing job that displayed her knowledge of acting as well as her ability to bring a character to life. In conclusion I would like to say that Late, A Cowboy Song was a much better play that Picnic was. The actors of this play were tasked with delivering a more intimate performance as well as still keeping hold of the audience’s attention. I have no doubt in my

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