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When the majority of the population thinks of rock 'n ' roll, most tend to correlate the beginnings of the rock genre with Elvis Presley or The Beatles. However, the greater part of the start of rock 'n ' roll must be attributed to the influence of African American culture and music. The African American culture initiated and impacted so many of the first genres in music that stemmed off into be many of the genres we still listen to today. Due to racism and discrimination many “race” artists were not recognized for their artistic abilities. Most African American musicians have become discredited due to white musicians covering African American songs and making it more popular. Rock ‘n’ roll was a collective effort of white and black culture and musicians but little credit has gone to the African American side of the genre. To truly understand how “race” artists were the people to help mold rock ‘n’ roll, you must go back to the very beginning of the start of the music business. In the 1890’s, a number of music publishers set up shop in a district of Manhattan, referred to at the time as Tin Pan Alley (Brackett, 1). These New York City music publishers and songwriters dominated the popular music of the United States in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Before the decade was over, musicians from the African American culture created a new genre of music called “ragtime” which heavily influenced jazz artists. During the 1920’s jazz was one of the most popular

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