Latino Immigrants

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Immigrants have played a vital role in the cultural and economic growth of the United States. Many of these individuals view the US as a land of educational opportunities, some even considering higher education (Rivera, 2014). Although immigrants leave their native countries in hopes of a better life, they experience displacement from their native culture through physical dislocation (Fox, 2007). These immigrants are overcome with challenges pertaining to immigrant stressors, such as discrimination, as well as educational and political challenges. Specifically, those from Latin countries often lose their drive to better themselves and often times, accept a place in poverty (Arellanes, Viramontez Anguiano & Lohman, 2017). However, there are some Latino immigrants, who regardless of these negative circumstances, are able to showcase persistence in the face of adversity. This study will explore examples of these individuals, specifically, three Latina immigrants who persevered despite challenging obstacles and were ultimately able to complete higher education.
Latino Immigrants
From the beginning of its development, America has drawn in immigrants from all over the world. Between the years 1990 and 2000, a majority of these immigrants arrived from Mexico and Central America (Wainer, 2004). As of 2011, up to 40 percent of Latinos living in the US were foreign-born (Rocha and Matsubayashi, 2012). Due to this rise in the Latino population, Latino adolescents are the

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