Laundering Act 2010 Of Britain, Canada And China

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Sentence guildline in Britain, Canada and China
Since 2003, more than one hundred countries have signed on the United Nations Convention Against Corruption . Moreover, to eliminate corruption has become a common action in countries around the world. To this end, all countries have gone on in the unremitting exploration and achieved good results. Since the company thinks about going in the market of Britain, Canada and China, therefore, it is necessary for the company to know about the sentence guideline of them. In the following essay, it will talk about the sentence guildline of foreign corruption in Britain, Canada and China.
The Bribery Act 2010 of Britain
As far as Britain is concrned, the Bribery Act 2010 should be highly alerted,
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But compared with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the new bill rules more strictly, involving in a wider range. At present, many multinational companies are starting to view Bribery Act 2010 as the international anti-corruption standard they must reach.
Moreover, the biggest bright spot of Bribery Act 2010 is to set up two new crimes, the bribery of foreign public officials and strict liability of the company who does not prevent bribery. According to the act, to bribe the individual who is in British foreign legislative, executive or judicial position, or to exercise any public function or as a public international organization agent, will all be committed a crime as bribery of foreign public officials. Also, it put forward some new legal requirements. As far as Prevention of Bribery of Negligence is concerned, it is a new charge created by the act. Besides, it is set against the establishment of the company, which points out that if the company 's employees, subsidiaries, offices and even other third party implement bribery for the company’s interests, no matter these actions are taken in the United Kingdom or abroad, the company will be charged, even if it is not involved or has no idea of this(Mukwiri, 2015).
In addition, due to the new act, when a foreign company conducts business in the United Kingdom, if its agents, employees or affiliates are caught in bribery or corruption anywhere in the world, the company have to bear criminal
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