Laura Hillenbrand Unbroken Theme

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Unbroken The central idea of "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand is to not give up or break. Louie goes through multiple trials throughout his life which tests his perseverance and will to keep surviving. From the Olympics to being lost at sea to being captured by Japan, Louie does not die and his spirit remains unbroken. Besides being in the Olympics the road just to get there was also a very hard path. Louie couldn't run that well at first and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brother Pete who taught him how to run competitively. Pete's' words "if you can take it, you can make it'" go a long way in Louie's life. Pete helps Louie become the best runner in school and then making it to the …show more content…

Louie went through a lot of training and a lot of pain to make it that far. When Louie trained he was in the hot sun, it caused him to get many blisters and skin injuries. Louie bled a lot through his feet but after years and years of the intensity of the training he made it to the Olympics and beat the record in America, his time being 4 min and 6 seconds. Shortly after the Olympics he became inspired to be a soldier in the Air Force. His time in the military is where his real test of his unbroken heart began. Louie and his two comrades; Phil and Mac were shot down and they were lost at sea for 45 days. They had no food and scarcely any water, but Louie did not give up. He tapped into his religion and prayed to God saying, " I will forever be devoted to you." As soon as he prayed it started to rain and God had answered his prayers, making the fight to survive at sea more of a chance. Being a little more hydrated Louie and his comrades killed sharks and animals in the ocean for food. Louie knew he had a fighting chance and told Phil to come over to his house to try his mothers "yonki" or pasta when they survived.Mac passed away at sea and Louie and Phil washed onto the island Kilejash, one of Japan's

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