Laurels Recovery Center Reaction Paper

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The Laurels Recovery Center is a unique center ran by Cumberland Mountain Community Services. The Laurels is distinctive due to the fact that they serve a multifaceted role for the community. Not only do they serve as a detox center, they also house patients who suffer from mental illness. This type of facility is a haven for patients who suffer from dual diagnoses. At the beginning of the day at the Laurels Recovery Center, I met a patient immediately upon entering the door. At that time, I was unaware that he would be the most interesting patient that I would meet that day. He was the only patient that I met that was there for mental illness, and he proudly proclaimed himself as “residential.” The day progressed and I got to know him better the more I talked to him. He was very open about his life, and he proceeded to tell me that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder two years ago after the deaths of a couple of his close family members. I…show more content…
In the light of the information about his drug abuse, this patient is a good example of the theory that most people who have a substance abuse disorder, also suffer from a mental illness. He went on to talk about how he had broken his arm in the past and, as I noticed a severely deformed digit, his pinky finger recently. I asked him if he had received medical care for his broken bones; he replied, “no.” I questioned him further on why he hadn’t gone to the doctor and he replied, “Because I had a drug abuse problem, they just act like I am there for the drugs.” This correlates to the stigma the community puts on drug abuse. Most members in the community think people can just “snap out of” a drug addiction or don’t stop using drugs because they are “weak.” It is these theories possessed by the community that prevents some individuals from getting the help that they truly
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