The Stigma Of Drug Addiction

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The Stigma of Drug Addiction “Addiction is a choice not a disease”, is a common phrase that stigmatizes drug addiction in our everyday language. The lack of public knowledge about this social problem causes widespread stigmatization and discrimination of the ill. As a result, many individuals who seriously need professional help feel isolated and hopeless, making it harder for them to recover. Although, there are many efforts to reduce the stigma of addiction, false concepts among individuals still persist. Many individuals may describe drug addicts as “people who are morally weak and cannot control their impulses”, or simply just “people who cannot get their life together”. Such misconceptions suggesting that addiction is a flaw in character, show that there is a need for more open discussions and dissemination of facts to educate average citizens about drug addiction. Limited and false definitions of drug addiction can be blamed for existing misconceptions among individuals. There are various definitions of drug addiction, but most of them fail to include its root causes. They may provide information about the physical effects of drugs, but they will seldom recognize its effects on the brain, and that it is a mental health problem. For example, according to a medical website called Mayo Clinic (2014),
Drug addiction is a dependence on a legal or illegal drug or medication…when you 're addicted, you 're not able to control your…

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