Law, Consumer Protection Act And Competition Law

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Law is the system of rules, which is recognized in a particular country as a regulating factor for its members and it can be enforced by imposing penalties on those who break the law. In United Kingdom (UK), the way a business operates can be controlled through legislation, that is, laws can be imposed on businesses by United Kingdom courts and government. Therefore, the three main areas of legislation by which the law affects business in the United Kingdom are through employment law, consumer protection Act and competition law.
The employment law as the name typifies is the law that regulates the relationship between workers, trade unions, employers and the government and the main types of employment status include workers, employees, …show more content…

It aims at protecting the safety, health, and the rights of workers. It underpins the principles of employer’s responsibilities, fairness, equal treatment, harmonization, ethics and morals among employees and employers. It also helps to protect the intellectual property and confidential information of businesses through the restrictive covenants (customer connection and trade secrets).
Consumer protection, on the other hand, is the law created to protect the consumer rights especially when it comes to buying and selling of goods and services and returning damaged or faulty goods. The act is divided into three parts, the first part deals with consumer contracts for goods, digital content, and services; the second part contains the unfair terms and the last part covers the general and miscellaneous provisions.
The major types of consumer protection legislations are Sales and Supply of Goods Act, which ensures that goods quality is of standard and satisfactory to consumers; Trade Description Act make sure that the offerings do exactly what it is advertised for by the company that manufactures them and Consumer Credit Act guard the consumers when borrowing money or purchasing on credit. This type of law also exerts additional fee to businesses, due to the fact that the businesses have to adhere to the law and if not they risk penalties and risk being pull out of business by the

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