The Consumer Rights Act 2015

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This essay will analyse the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (‘CRA 2015’) as it is a significant element of the government’s reform of consumer law in the UK. The Act has been lauded as an immense upheaval of consumer law due to the integration of eight existing pieces of legislation into one. The complicated regulations regarding goods and services that consumers and businesses struggle to comprehend will no longer apply under the Act. A consumer is an individual who is not acting for the purpose of a business and outside that individual’s trade or profession. The aim of the CRA 2015 is to provide consumers with confidence when purchasing goods and services in the modern market. The Act intends to modernise the law, thus making it easier for people to understand their fundamental rights as consumers. Consumers who make informed decisions in competitive markets play a crucial role in the development of products and businesses. This will benefit the consumers while simultaneously strengthening the continued advancement of the economy. The new legislation will also assist businesses by clearly stating the consumer rights so that less time and effort will be wasted on being concerned about debatable rules set out by the law. The CRA 2015 takes into account the fact that in the 21st century, the modern generation is more inclined to buy goods and services on the Internet. The surge in demand for online shopping and entertainment has seen the government extend consumer rights to…
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