Law Enforcement : Discrimination In The United States

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Law Enforcement
For many years and decades law-enforcement has been caught up in many scandals. This system is setup to attack minority groups and oppress people of color. Many leaders of the government have racial intentions and tend to talk in code to hide their racism to the public. But each policy and laws are made to target certain groups of people. Law enforcement is abusing the power they have and it's time they start being punished for their actions. Law enforcement is any system by which members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law. This includes any government employee. As a law enforcement officer, their jobs are to serve mankind and protect the innocent from corruption. But it seems as law correction officers have forgotten all about that and instead of protecting the innocent they abuse their power and target upon them. Almost 1,200 people were killed by cops in 2015, most of them being minorities. In the late 1900’s about the same amount of people were killed. That was back then when racism was a really big issue. When you really think about it, it shows how history does tend to repeat itself. Police officers have been getting away with murders of unarmed minority people. About a year ago in Baltimore, riots occurred because of the death of Freddie Gray. Who died in police custody. Freddie Gray was arrested and suffered a severe spinal cord injury while being transported in the van. His hands and feet were shackled but the

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