Law Enforcement Should Be Equipped With Body Worn Cameras

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Police brutality of minorities has brought us as a nation to discuss whether law enforcement should be equipped with body-worn cameras. As we are aware technology today has advanced exponentially - far beyond our imaginations cellphones and other electronics devices are equipped with the most awesome digital features. These devices provide citizens the capability to record anything they desire capturing the good bad and ugly including police misconduct. Last year alone, 120 million smart phones were sold in the U.S. (Hughes, 2014). Over the past years bystanders have caught vicious killings and mistreatment of civilians by police offices. Numerous accounts of their actions have demonstrated racial profiling, injustice, recklessness, inappropriate behavior and lack of sensitivity of the needs of the community resulting in division and mistrust between some communities and law enforcement agencies. As a result these devices have called us to question the legitimacies of Law Enforcements Agencies. If body-worn cameras are implemented and mandated for police officers when interacting with the public, it would be beneficial for both parties. This paper will focus on the common use of these devices and discuss their most important objectives such as: reducing police excess-use-of force, mendacious complaints against police officers, increasing prosecution rates due to evidence captured by the police and enhancing police legitimacy and transparency. Throughout the paper I will

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