Persuasive Essay About Police Body Cameras

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To peep or not to peep, that is the question being asked by many regarding police body cameras in communities. The topic of police brutality is a rising issue in today’s society. Several questions have arose over the use of police body cameras and whether they are a good or bad idea. Police body cameras have has a variety of concern to many communities regarding their potential. Every city has a different trust and relationship for their police force and these concerns vary depending on the community. People have the concern regarding privacy, protection, and impact on the community and more. After researching the problems caused by Police body cameras as well as its background, the current state of the issue, and the potential solutions, it is clear that communities need to bring a solution to this situation.Such as laws, policies, rules, and more to control this new information.
The History of the body camera is a relatively new idea only brought to mass populations in the past few years, and already it has been a massive topic of debate. The United Kingdom first introduced police body cameras in 2005. This was done in an effort to reduce police brutality as well as public concerns. Early research on the cameras has said to have a positive effect and was well received by the public. According to The Huffington Post “The conversation around adopting body cameras has always been complicated.”(Wing, 2017) Some of the complications is how it has caused a great divide among

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