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An unregistered firm can institute a criminal proceeding for

| 1. | Incorrect | Which of the following types of damages are NOT available in contract cases?
Your answer: Equitable remedies
The correct answer: Pecuniary damagesINCORRECT. The major form of relief in contract cases is monetary damages. Other potential types of damages are equitable, and tort damages, including punitive damages. | | 2. | Incorrect | Cecil has a contract for $2000 to paint Buck's house so that Buck can place the house on the market. He realizes that he will not be able to paint Buck's house before Buck sells the house. He calls Buck and tells him he cannot perform the contract. Which statement is NOT true about this contract?
Your answer: Buck's
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The correct answer: a contract with a liquidated damages clauseINCORRECT. This is a contract containing a liquidated damages contract. | | 10. | Incorrect | Jane's employer fired her even though she had six months left on her contract. If she sues what compensatory damages may she ask for?
Your answer: She can ask for any costs like the difference in the salary they paid her and the salary they will pay a new employee if it is more than she made.
The correct answer: She can ask for lost wages or salary as compensatory damages.INCORRECT. The employer can sue for the difference between what it cost to pay the employee who quit and the new employee if the employee breaches. | | 11. | Incorrect | Sandy sued Martin on a contract he breached. There are no real damages, but Sandy wanted to sue Martin on principles. What kind of damages might result?
Your answer: Punitive damages.
The correct answer: Nominal damages.INCORRECT. If there are no actual damages, there will be only nominal damages. | | 12. | Incorrect | Keith lost $4000 on the transaction when Manny refused to sell him the antique car he had contracted to buy from Manny for $4000. Keith had a buyer who was willing to pay him $2000 more than the contract price. Manny had no way of knowing this when he cancelled the contract. What kind of contract damages can Keith ask for?
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