Law To Vaccinate Parents

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“We want to believe we are invincible and that nothing can touch our children. We have access to the best medical care. Many of the deadly diseases that swept through communities have now been eradicated due to vaccination.” This quotation was written by a woman named Linda Anderson. When her son was only a few months old, he did of a vaccine-preventable disease. If you were to ask her, she would implore you to vaccinate her children. She suffered a loss that no parent should ever have to endure. Parents should be required by law to vaccinate their children because the argument against it (regarding autism) is invalid, they keep children from getting and spreading preventable, and sometimes dangerous diseases, and they prevent loss of life. …show more content…

Smallpox is one example of a diseases that could be deadly to a small child that contracts it. If a baby catches an illness that bad, he or she does not have a strong enough immune system yet and there is a great chance the child won’t make it. Like I mentioned before, Linda Anderson lost her baby due to a vaccine preventable disease. No parent should have to suffer a loss like that. The saddest part is, there are many other stories out there just like Linda’s. A very young child catches a disease, their immune system isn't strong enough to fight it, the child doesn't make it. It's absolutely horrible. Another mother, Karen Alpert, says in an entry on her blog, BabySideburns, she understands that parents would do whatever they can do protect their child, but children need to be vaccinated. In the blog, she talks about how she doesn't want her children to catch a preventable disease just because some parents think they know better than doctors.
The argument can be made that vaccines have ingredients that can be harmful to small children. However, these ingredients are given in such small doses that they just help the child build up an immunity to them and to the disease the vaccine is made to prevent so they won't catch chickenpox or smallpox. Parents would know this is they looked at how much of each ingredient the vaccines

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