Laws In Antigone

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Have you ever broken a law because you needed to for someone else? Many people break laws everyday because of their personal morals. In Antigone, she made a life altering decision because she did what she believed was right, even though the King said otherwise. It is not so present in our government today, but countries around the world have descended into anarchy and become very skewed. Morals can play a role in deciding a person's fate with the law because, the laws of the God's rule over the laws of your government (for some people), the laws can be wrong, and demoralized people are more likely to do something bad. First off, morals can play a role in deciding a person's fate with the law, because the laws of the God's, overrule …show more content…

"It was not God's proclamation. That final Justice That rules the world below makes makes no such laws" (Sophocles, 357-358). This is Antigone telling the King her punishment for burying her brother was not God's choice, and that the world below God can not make any such choice. To sum it up, Antigone is saying that the King does not have the authority to make such decisions on what her fate is. Antigone was just following her morals and beliefs, but the law said otherwise, even though it was wrong. The incorrect and unnecessary law decided her fate, even though she was just doing what was right. An example of this, was in the years before the Civil War, with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. If any slave was caught escaping the south, and going north, and the slave was not returned to its owner, then the person who witnessed this was given a fine and/or sentenced to prison. If I saw a slave escaping its owner and heading north during this time, then I would act like I did not see it. In my opinion, I believe that this was a nasty law, sort of forcing you into the concept of slavery. My morals would take over, and if I had to, I would go to prison for that slave. If the law is wrong, then morals definitely do play a role in your fate with the …show more content…

If I am ever sad, angry, or just plain demoralized, then I am always more tempted to get revenge on somebody. "Money! [Sententiously.] There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money. Find that man, bring him here to me, or your death Will be the least of your problems" (Sophocles, 249-252). This is King Creon speaking to Choragos and Sentry after he found out that the body of Polyneices had been covered in dust. He is talking about money (power in other words), and how demoralizing it is for some people. He is also speculating whether someone was bribed with money to do it. In my opinion, I believe that Creon is actually the demoralized one from money, and he is overusing his power by making unreasonable punishments. Without even thinking about it, he just says if the person is not caught, then Sentry will be tortured and killed. Eventually, from having such bad morals, his fate with the law and life, will not be very good. An example of myself in a situation like this, is when I promised myself that I was going to beat up my sister as revenge for something that she did to me. I was very angry, and my morals were different in a short period of time like this. The result of this situation is that I got in trouble from my parents and life went on. It is not to the extent of breaking laws, but if it

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