Lawsuit Against The Eeoc Discrimination Lawsuit

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Lawsuits Filed With the EEOC Indicative of Discrimination
The religious discrimination lawsuits filed in federal court with the EEOC indicate that there were employees who believed their religious rights were not being protected. For example, Omari v. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. was a 2005 9/11 backlash case. Omari, a Muslim from Algeria, filed a claim with the EEOC for discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation under Title VII. Omari claimed that he was repeatedly called “Osama, terrorist, cave dweller, camel driver,” and was accused of making bombs and questioned as to whether or not he knew how to drive a plane into a building. Omari rejected the accusations and tried to explain that he was not an Arab, but the comments did not stop. He complained to supervisors and the EEOC, only to be met with more verbal and physical abuse, and was ultimately terminated for supposed poor performance reasons, which were fabricated. The courts eventually ruled in his favor and he received a monetary award for discrimination, hostile environment and retaliation, plus costs and attorney’s fees (Malos 2010)
In the 2006 case, Zayed v. Apple Computers, Nancy Zayed an Arab Muslim woman of Egyptian descent, experienced dramatic changes in her work environment after the events of September 11, 2001. Colleagues began asking her whether the Qur’an instructed Muslims to participate in suicide bombings. At one point, Apple requested information regarding her citizenship status, and…
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