Leadership And The Graduate Nursing Role

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Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role My leadership style is both Participative and Delegative, which means as a leader I value and take into considerations the opinions and suggestions of my group but still makes the final decision, but also sometimes in some occasion or circumstances I allow the group members to conclude and make the decision themselves. Being both participative and delegative leader it only means that I can adjust to different situations, which I can strongly impose my decisions and at the same time recognize and value the opinion of others when circumstance calls for it. Being a participative leader, the opinions and suggestions in decision making is being considered by I make the final decision. Because I…show more content…
This helps them to feel they are as important as the leader or any member of the group. Members of the group would feel good and personally liable when the decision results to a positive outcome that would result to better performance in the workplace (Root, 2015). Participative leadership also improves Creativity, because by asking other members of the group for a decision they tend to think of different solutions and ideas to the common problem of the group from which the leader can select the best possible solution. Aside from creativity this leadership style also helps retain nurses within the organization. Making them feel that they contribute to the well-being and progress of the group or the organization would make them feel valued and would remain loyal to the group (Root, 2015). I am a participative leader but at the same time I am also a delegative leader. Delegative leadership is a style in which most decisions within the group is not made by the leader but instead it is created by the group members. As a leader I believe that there are still things that I do not know or skills that I further need to enhance or improve, that is why I delegate some of the task to the members of the group whom I believe can perform better, who is knowledgeable and trustworthy to make the right decision based on the situation. Delegative leadership is also known as a Laissez Fair which is a hands-off approach. This
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